Step For A Successful Move

Step For A Successful Move

Logistical process that a realtor can use to plan and execute a successful move for their clients.


The first step is to assess the client’s needs and goals for the move. This includes understanding the client’s timeline, budget, and any special requirements or preferences they may have.


The realtor should conduct research on the destination city, including the real estate market, local schools, healthcare providers, and other relevant information. This will help them to provide the client with valuable insights and recommendations.

Pre-Move Planning

The realtor should help the client with pre-move planning, including finding a reputable moving company, arranging for utilities and other services to be set up at the new home, and ensuring that any necessary repairs or improvements are made to the current home before it is listed for sale.

Home Sale Preparation

The realtor should assist the client in preparing their current home for sale. This includes staging the home, arranging for professional photography and videography, and marketing the home effectively to attract potential buyers.

Home Sale Negotiations

The realtor should use their negotiation skills to help the client achieve the best possible sale price and terms for their current home.

Home Purchase

The realtor should help the client find and purchase their new home, taking into account their budget, timeline, and other requirements.

Researching Local Schools and Educational Opportunities

If clients have school-age children, it can be helpful to research the local schools and educational opportunities in the area they are moving to.

Moving Coordination

The realtor should coordinate the moving process, ensuring that everything is packed and transported safely and efficiently. They should also arrange for any necessary storage, if needed.

Coordinating with Service Providers

In addition to movers, realtors may also need to coordinate with other service providers such as utility companies, cable and internet providers, and home security companies to ensure a smooth transition.

Settling In

The realtor should help the client settle into their new home, including arranging for any necessary repairs or upgrades, finding local service providers, and getting familiar with the neighborhood.


After the move is complete, the realtor should follow up with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the move and to address any remaining concerns or issues.

Providing Ongoing Support

Even after the move is complete, realtors can continue to provide support to their clients by following up to ensure that everything is going smoothly and offering resources and recommendations for local services and activities.


Finally, the realtor should ask the client for referrals and continue to maintain a relationship with them, even after the move is complete.

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