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Hi there, I’m Karrie Kelley, and as a long time resident of Snohomish County, I have expert-level insights on which cities and towns in the area are going to continue to appreciate more than others. At Karrie Kelley Real Estate, we specialize in the major cities of Snohomish County, including Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Snohomish, Cathcart, Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Bothell, Lynwood, and beyond.

We know that finding the perfect town or neighborhood to call home is a personal and often emotional decision. That’s why we take the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle in order to provide personalized guidance and support throughout the home buying process.

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As of 2023, the median home price in Snohomish County is $720,000, with home prices varying significantly depending on the city or neighborhood you're considering. Despite the rising home prices, Snohomish County remains a prime destination for real estate investment, with homes appreciating at an average rate of 11% over the past year. This is higher than the national average of 8.4%, making Snohomish County a great place to invest in real estate.

With my expertise and guidance, you can make informed decisions about which towns and neighborhoods to focus on, and which properties have the potential for long-term appreciation and growth. My team and I can provide you with valuable insights into market trends and potential investment opportunities, and we can help you find your dream home in this stunning and dynamic region.

Get in touch with me today to discover how I can assist you in finding the ideal town or neighborhood for you to flourish and thrive. Together, we can explore the specific cities and towns in Snohomish that pique your interest. Let Karrie Kelley Real Estate be your reliable partner in navigating the finest towns and neighborhoods in Snohomish County and beyond.

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Snohomish is a vibrant and growing region located just north of Seattle, offering a wide range of options for those looking to buy a home or invest in real estate. From the beautiful natural landscapes to the thriving cultural scene, there is something for everyone in this stunning and dynamic region.

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